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MyKey - Innovation is rewarded!

MyKey: Innovation is rewarded!

MyKey - Menarini Diagnostics Italia

A commitment to innovation is what characterises us best. With passion, hard work and enthusiasm we strive each day to carry on with our task: to make our contribution to research. But getting recognition also really lifts our spirits because it confirms that we are moving in the right direction

MYKEY - Menarini Diagnostics Italia - Premio Impresa+Innovazione+Lavoro

Just a few days ago, MyKey by Menarini Diagnostics has received the prize “Impresa+Innovazione+Lavoro” which the Regional Council of Tuscany, in cooperation with the Foundation for Research and Innovation of the University of Florence, awards to companies for innovative projects in support of research and innovation, the driving force behind all companies and personal services.
Let’s find out what this is all about!


The new electronic pathologist: MyKey

We can define MyKey as a highly prepared and always available electronic “pathologist”! It is a management system specialised in anatomical pathology that is able, with the help of a software , to follow diagnostic examinations step by step to check for an illness and that provides instant access to international studies by world-renowned experts.

MyKey has been completed after three years of work together with the Healthcare Division of Zucchetti Centro Sistemi.

How MyKey works

MyKey provides for complete traceability of a sample - for example an organ fragment withdrawn following a biopsy - during all processing and management phases that are part of the process. At the same time, the MyKey management system contains an active expert system (Decision Support System) that keeps track of the paths taken and the decisions made by the pathologist while studying the case under examination.

But the feature that makes the MyKey software truly innovative is the fact that it gives the physician who wants to find the most effective diagnosis “at that moment” access to a database that is constantly and continuously updated with the results of research and analyses of the same type and kind while always complying fully with data protection requirements.

In this way, the physician has access to a knowledge database ( worldwide literature and bibliography) - available any time - to support his proposed diagnostic hypotheses, and at the same time to a database of experience (the entire history of the individual laboratory in question) to provide the most ample and accurate choice of paths and possible algorithms for the diagnostic query under examination.

A small software for a great idea: The greatest experts from all over the world in a single room in just a few minutes to provide treatment for one patient!


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